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Theme of the Book of Lamentations

Lamentations is a beautifully structured series of five lament poems and is a funeral dirge for the fallen city of Jerusalem.
After you read through each chapter of this easy to navigate, free online study bible; simply click the "next" or "previous" chapter buttons at the end of the chapter or click on a chapter number in the tables. If you haven't taken our challenge to read the Bible in less than a year, check our ART system out with the "our challenge" link at the top of any page. Under some verses, you will find cross-reference links that are clickable and usable for study purposes.
Dear Heavenly Father,
As this dear person reads through Your Holy Word, we ask that Your presence be upon them to learn what You desire them to know. May Your Words come alive to them as they draw close to You in this time of reading Your Word at this Online Bible site.
In Jesus' Precious Name,
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